Podcast Management and Marketing Course

Podcasting is gaining popularity among businesses today. And learning how to do it the right way will scale your business. Likewise, as a freelancer, you can use podcasting to earn at the comfort of your home.

When you enroll in Surge Marketplace’s Podcast Management and Marketing Course, you will understand the step-by-step process. Additionally, you will learn about podcast editing and show notes writing, quote cards, audiograms, uploading to the podcast host, and so much more.

Plus, you will also discover how to meet podcasting clients. And most significantly, you learn to master a portfolio as a podcast manager.

Enroll now, and start, record, edit, publish, grow, and monetize your podcast or your client’s podcast!

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Enroll in Surge Marketplace’s Podcast Management and Marketing Course now…

Millions are shifting to online jobs today. It is the future of work. One gets to earn BIG fast with the right focus and determination. Surge Marketplace is devoted to YOUR success, so we pray this promo will HELP you and your family.

You have a Coach guiding you throughout the process!
Step by step lessons
Complete Curriculum: Set up and #skills training
24/7 online access to lessons
Group collaboration
Recorded sessions
Freelancing family
Lifetime support
One of the lowest freelancing courses in the market with lots of contents
No hidden marketing tricks
Proven results: 1-2 Surge Marketplace students are hired daily!
The Surge Marketplace Heart: Our mission is your success. Our reward is to see you and your family flourish.

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What you'll learn

Training coverage

  • What is a Podcast, and What Does a Podcast Manager Do?
  • What are the Types of Podcast Editing Software?
  • Podcast Launch Checklist
  • Sourcing music for podcast Intro/Outro.
  • What is a Podcast Artwork, Requirement of Podcast Artwork, Example of Podcast Artwork? Example of a Banner, Quote Card and Audiogram for Social Media Promotion.
  • What is MetaData? What is Episodes Information Sheet, ShowNotes and Types of Shownotes?
  • Settings in Recording a Podcast (in Adobe Audition), Basic Terms of Use in Podcast Editing.
  • Recording of Episode
  • Top Podcast Directories
  • Uploading Episodes in the Podcast Host: Podbean, Captivate.fm, Libsyn

Course content

This Course includes:

* 7 recorded sessions
* Learning teams
* Lifetime assistance
* With online certification after course completion
* Free apprenticeship
* Free hiring referrals to Surge Marketplace agency partners
* Free internal hiring opportunities

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